Kubernetes helm: Incompatible client:server versions Max OS X)

If running a `helm` command is returning an ‚incompatible versions‘ error like the following, you can either upgrade the server version or downgrade the client version.

Error: incompatible versions client[v2.13.1] server[v2.11.0]

I decided to install several client versions and switch on demand, because upgrading the server version was not an option for me. In addition, having multiple client versions is more flexible in dealing with multiple kubernetes cluster having different versions.

Install the matching `kubernetes-helm` version manually via `brew`:

  1. Search on Github for the kubernetes-helm.rb file for the required version (2.11.0 in my case): https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/search?q=kubernetes-helm&type=Commits
  2. Click the commit hash (ee94af7 in my case)
  3. Click the „View“ and then „Raw“ button to copy the raw url.
  4. Install the choosen `kubernetes-helm` version (see commands below)
  5. Switch between your installed versions

$ brew unlink kubernetes-helm
$ brew install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/ee94af74778e48ae103a9fb080e26a6a2f62d32c/Formula/kubernetes-helm.rb
$ brew info kubernetes-helm
$ brew switch kubernetes-helm 2.11.0